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In September of 1970, ten believers from different Christian backgrounds believed that the Lord was leading them to meet together according to the principle of oneness set forth in the New Testament. They met together in a home and told the Lord: "All that we are, all that we have, and all that we will ever be is for Christ and the church." With that consecration they began to meet together in a simple way as the church in Spokane.

Some were middle-aged, working in established businesses; some were young and just beginning their careers. But all were seriously seeking the Lord's will for their lives. Their meetings focused on knowing the Lord's word and His person. The Lord began to add other seekers, mostly college students. In 1972-1973, there was a large increase of members in the meetings. Every Friday night they held a gospel dinner meeting with as many as fifty new college students attending. By the end of 1973, around seventy members were regularly meeting in the church with most under the age of twenty-five. As the number of members increased, the meetings moved from the home where they started to various rented halls, and finally to the building which we constructed in 1975 at the present location.

The Lord has not only gained many seekers to stand for His testimony in Spokane, but has also touched many for the spread and strengthening of the church life in other cities. In 1976, some moved to Pullman, where they now meet as the church in Pullman. Others have moved to various localities such as Boise, Seattle, Bellevue, Eugene, Portland, and Anaheim. Still others are serving or have served as workers in Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia, Albania and Greece.

The Lord has continually blessed the church in Spokane with new members. The current attendance is about 110 on a Lord's Day morning. Since 1985, due to our increased desire to share the gospel, we started visiting our community. Going out in teams of three, the church has contacted many homes and families with the gospel of the Lord Jesus, and many have been helped to know and grow in the Lord. Many home meetings are being held around the city to allow the hungry seekers to get into the Lord's Word and to know His heart.

Our meetings are filled with the rich enjoyment of Christ, overflowing from our experience of Him in our daily lives. We encourage each other to spend time daily with the Lord in His Word, and to seek for Christ to have the preeminence in all things. This daily living overflows into our meetings and even becomes the content of our meetings. We all bring the portion of the Lord we have experienced and enjoyed to share with the other members. Our meetings are a feast upon the riches of Christ, a rich satisfaction to the Lord and to us. All are welcome to come and enjoy the Lord with us.

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