Using Discord To Listen To Meetings

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Capture here information related to using Discord, including how to get started and how to invite others to join.

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After using Skype for many years and having to change with the feature set and deal with difficulties in group calls, we have setup a Church In Spokane Discord server. Using Discord will allow users to drop in and out at any time without having to coordinate with anyone.

Discord was developed primarily for the gaming community and is rife with gaming terms and somewhat adolescent pop-up messages. But it does allow a large number of users to listen to a common stream, communicate amongst each other in the group setting, or in private voice or chat sessions, and come and go as they please. These attributes will alleviate a lot of issues we faced using Skype.

For a general overview of Discord, albeit from a gamers perspective, view this video:


How to exit the meeting and to close Discord
  1. Use the 'hang-up' icon to disconnect from the Meeting Audio channel:
  2. The above disonnect you from listening to the church meeting, but does not exit you from Discord. To exit Discord, you may simply use the X in the upper right corner to close it. But be advised that Discord will still be running in the background. The idea here is to make it launch quicker the next time you use it. But for those of us who use it only once a week, we take the next step to cause the application to fully quit.
  3. To make Discord fully quit, on a Windows machine, find the Discord 'tray icon':

    Click the up arrow shown and then Discord will be one of the small icons, in this case the green circle. It may not be a green circle for you -- I think it is green for me because I am still connected to the meeting. Hover over the icons and Windows will tell you what they are.

    Next, r-click on the Discord tray icon and select Quit Discord:
Now you are fully out.

Troubles Hearing The Meeting

Server Side

  1. Insure ChurchInSpokaneAudio is not muted.
    1. Sometimes, such as if someone tried to initiate a private voice call with the Church, the audio from the church in the Meeting Audio group will become muted. Insure the ChurchInSpokaneAudio is active in the MeetingAudio group.
    2. This is what it should look like - ChurchInSpokaneAudio is lighted and there is no muted mic icon:
    3. If it looks like this:
      Then the church audio feed is muted. 
    4. The most likely place to fix this is in the ChurchInSpokaneAudio on the right side under Owner. R-click and insure both of these boxes are cleared:

Client Side

We have heard from many users that the volume in Discord is lower than in Skype. This is disappointing, but given the vast majority of users wear headphones and have a microphone very hear their mouth, it is no wonder there isn't more complaints. Because of this we strongly recommend powered speakers. Especially for mobile users, consider a bluetooth wireless speaker. Not the uber cheap ones (they are often worse than your phone), but a well rated one that can produce a good amount of volume.

On a Windows PC there are 3 areas where you can make adjustments to sound level.

Discord General Settings

  1. Check the audio settings in Discord by clicking on the gear icon next to your name in the lower left.
  2. Find the Audio / Video item on the Settings list:
  3. Make  appropriate setting changes if need be. Insure the proper device is selected for the Input Device, Output Device, and that the volume levels are to your liking.
    If you think you will want to speak with someone (as opposed to sending text messages), you can switch your input mode to Push to Talk.
    If you are having trouble hearing the meeting, turn up the Output Device all the way.

Discord Individual Setting

You can adjust the volume for a specific user. In most cases you will want to increase the volume for the Church In Spokane user.

  1. Find the Church In Spokane on the right hand side where all the on and off line users are listed.
  2. R-click on the ChurchInSpokaneAudio user:
    R-click on User
  3. Adjust the User Volume to max:
    UserVolumeAt Max

Windows System Sounds

The way to adjust sounds in Windows varies based on the hardware you have. The following is a general guideline. Your system may be different.

  1. If you are using external speakers, turn the volume control up.
  2. Find the volume control in the Windows Tray (small area in lower right near the clock). Look for a speaker icon:
    Tray Icon
  3. Right click on the speaker icon and select Open Volume Mixer:
    Open Volume Mixer
  4. Insure the adjustments are up all the way:
    Max Adjustments