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During Monday night, March 12, 2012, our dear and precious brother, Steve Teneff, went to be more fully with the Lord God that he loved very much.

The church in Spokane dedicated the evening meeting on March 18 for rememberances of brother Steve. The following Saturday, March 24, there was a memorial meeting for Steve at Ball & Dodd Funerial Home in Spokane, Washington.

Recordings from those meetings are available below. A video memorial of brother Steve is in the works and will be posted here when complete. Additionally, printed material available at the memorial meeting can be found here.

Printed Material

Audio Files

Audio recordings are in MP3 format. Click the 'All in 1 File" link to download the entire message as one MP3 file. If the message doesn't download but rather starts playing, R-click and select Save Link As.. or Save Target As... to download it.

We recommend you get the messages as a collection of smaller files (easier to navigate and/or pick up where you left off), by clicking on the "Multiple Files" link, save the file (a ZIP file) to your computer, then unzip the files.

  • Rememberance of brother Steve Teneff by the saints in Spokane March 18, 2012
  • Memorial Meeting at Ball & Dodd in Spokane, March 24, 2012
    • All in 1 File,- 2 hrs 4 minutes
    • Multiple Files - 26 tagged tracks
    • Note: We are aware that there is a short section where the audio speeds up for a few seconds. This is on the master from the Ball & Dodd recording equipment. 

Video Files

The following video files are made available for download.
A DVD can be ordered by contacting Andrew via e-mail at churchinspokane@qwestoffice.net
  • Memorial Meeting (2 hrs 26 minutes)
    This is a big file as the entire meeting was long.
    Small file (292M); Larger, higher quality file (520M)
    • Entry comments: ~5 min.
    • Opening, singing and various testimonies: 1 hr 5 min.
    • Ed Marks sharing: 40 min.
    • Concluding comments: ~18 min.
    • Grave side prayer & rejoicing: ~19 min.
  • Personal Testimony (5 minutes)
    Small file (8M); Larger, higher quality file (26M)
    An audio recording with slide show. The audio is Steve sharing about his appriciation for Witness Lee soon after brother Lee passed away.
  • Slide Show (6 minutes)
    Small file (24M); Larger, higher quality file (150M)
    Various pictures and a short commentary on Steve's life.

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