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Skype Conference Calls

Caveat emptor: The information below may be out of date as Skype continually changes their interface. Check the Skype website for the latest information.
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Basic Information

  • The Church in Spokane Skype ID is: churchinspokane
  • We do NOT have a web cam;audio and IM messages are all that is available via Skype.
  • Skype at the church is configured to automatically answer. 
  • This behavior changes periodically. As of winter 2016:
    • The first person to call the church will be automatically connected.
    • All successive calls will not be answered, rather the caller will experience a 'ring, no answer' situation.
  • If you call too early, you will connect but you will not hear anything. Only after the serving one in the audio room turns on the A/V system will the microphones in the hall be available to the Skype computer.
  • There is normally no one 'watching' or 'attending to' the Skype session. It is up to the callers to facilitate group calls amontst themselves.
  • In order to have multiple people on the same call, one of two things must happen.
    • The first person who calls and does connect must host the conference call. This means they will have to join others to their  call. Others typically IM to determine who is hosting and then request to be added. See How do I Join a Conference Call below.
    • Someone at the meeting hall can manually add an incoming call to the existing group. The mechanics within Skype regarding how to do this keep changing and therefore it is possible there will be nobody at the hall who knows how to do it. See How do I Join a Conference Call below.
  • The saints who frequently Skype the meetings are familiar with each other and most often coordinate amongst themselves as to who will host and the adding in of other callers.

How do I make a conference call?

With Skype, you and 24 other people can take part in a conference call.

There are a couple of ways to start a conference call:
On the Contacts tab click > Create Conference or click from the menu select Call > Start Conference Call. Both these options will open a Conference Call window.
To add people, click on a contact's name in Choose contacts box and then click on the Add button below. The contact is now added to Conference participants window.
You can add both Skype contacts and contacts using a land line and mobile to a conference call in the same way.
Once you have selected the participants, simply click the Start button.
You'll be shown a conference tab with the names of all participants. Participants will be added to the conference call once they answer your call.

If you are already in a call and would like to add an additional participant to the call, simply right click on a contact in your contact list and choose Invite to Conference. Or from the conference tab, click Add Callers and add more participants.

Taken from the Skype help system at:

How do I start a conference call?

There are several ways to start a conference call.  If you've already saved a group in your Contacts, chose it from your Contact list and click the green Call button.

If you want to start a conference call with a new group, create the group first and then follow the instructions above.

If you are already in the middle of a call with someone, you can add others by clicking the Add people button in the top right of Skype and choosing who you want to add to the call.

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How do I Join a Conference Call

If you call the churchinspokane on Skype and do not get an answer, most likely there are others who already connected. In this situation there are two primary ways to join the call.

IM Frequent Participants

Use the features in Skype to see if any of the frequent participants are on-line and if so IM them asking if they are hosting a call to the hall. When you find the host, ask them to add you to the call and provide your Skype ID if necessary.

Call the Meeting Hall

If you can't get in, or you don't know who might be a frequent participant, you can phone the meeting hall and let them know you cannot connect via Skype and that you may need to be told who is hosting the call. Please provide them your Skype ID; tell the usher that they should probably write down your Skype ID to pass it on to the serving one in the audio room.

The usher should be able to get this information to the one serving in the audio room and they can do one of two things:

  1. IM you the Skype ID of the person hosting the call.
    1. You can then IM that person asking to be added to the call.
    2. The serving one at the hall may also IM the conference group telling them that you want to be added to the call.
  2. Watch for your incoming call and manually add you to the existing conference call.
    1. This is more problematic as you may not be calling in an/or they may not know how to add you to the existing call.
    2. It might be helpful if you could IM the church Skype account so the one serving in audio can communicate with you and provide more detailed instructions.
More information about adding people to an existing call can be found here:
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